LambPlan and Selection

No Stone Left Unturned

The UltraWhites are included in performance recording, with the extra measurements for eating quality and WEC being incorporated as they become available.

High emphasis is placed on selection for correct feet and leg structure.  All rams sold have been through rigorous selection for soundness in this area before being offered.  Intra-muscle fat, tenderness and meat yield are traits that are being adopted. It is intended that within the next couple of years, eating quality traits will play a large part in the selection process.

Fertility of the flock is currently around 120-140% under our conditions and management, which is good by industry standards. However, our aim is to have genetics capable of averaging 170 – 180%, where required, within the next 2 years.  Work in this area is in the final stages of development and is on track at this stage to meet these goals.

No stone is left unturned to continue to develop the UltraWhite to be a low maintenance, easy-care, highly fertile and functional breed that is suited to a wide range of environments throughout Australia.  They must be hardy to handle our dry season and yet have the do-ability to enable them to respond quickly and efficiently to better conditions, when they are available each season.