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About Hillcroft Farms

Size and Location

Hillcroft Farms consists of 5000 hectares in the 450mm rainfall zone, situated 165 kms south-east of Perth and 32 kilometers north-west of Narrogin.


Hillcroft Farms has been owned by Dawson and Greta Bradford since 1967, along with their son Dawson since 1992 and with his wife Lisa since 2001. Dawson and Lisa took over the management of Hillcroft Farms in 2003, whilst Dawson and Greta continue to manage the sheep breeding enterprises along with their off farm pursuits.

Hillcroft Farms is a diversified and integrated business which captures and makes the most of the locality and the natural resources of the area.


  • Cropping program consisting of 3,200ha, to barley, oats, canola and hay.
  • 1200 ewe Ultra White flock for easy-care maternal and terminal breeding sires.
  • 3000 ewe wool shedding self replacing commercial Ultrawhite ewe flock for lamb production.
  • 1400 sow breeding to finishing piggery.


A permanent staff of eighteen is employed along with casual seasonal staff to run the extensive operation, which focuses on quality and safety in crop and animal production, whilst achieving high economic returns.

Quality Assurance & Flockcare

Both the pig and sheep enterprises are participants in Quality Assurance programmes.