Production Sale

Annual on Farm Production Sale

An annual on farm production sale is held on the first or second Tuesday of October each year, where up to 250 of the top indexed sires for the drop and approximately 100 surplus stud ewes are sold by auction.

All sheep offered have pedigree and performance details displayed in the catalogue, which is available at the sale and online at our website from the 15th of September each year.

A private selection of rams are available each year following the sale.

The next on farm Production Sale will be held on Tuesday 5th October, 2021.  Sale commences at 11.00am with inspection open from 9.00am.

500 x Commercial UltraWhite Ewes 2020 Drop

100 x UltraWhite Stud Ewes 2020 Drop

250 x UltraWhite Rams 2020 Drop

Morning tea and a light luncheon will be provided

The catalogue has been updated (version 7).  Please use Auctions Plus for video review of sheep to be purchased.